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About us

Over a year ago we became fascinated with the idea of providing personalised answers to every 'what-to-buy' and 'what -will-suit-me' question that beauty shoppers often face. What is the right moisturizer for my oily skin? Can I use retinol? What is my perfect foundation shade? What is a good water-proof mascara? So we thought, what if there was a quick, and personal way to answer these questions and more? What if you could just know what to buy and choose right - everytime! And so Smudg was born.

Think of Smudg as your friend or a great sales assistant who always gives you the best advice, helps you sort through rows of products, and even tells you how to use them. And if your needs change, Smudg evolves along with you.

Why Smudg

The beauty product search can be frustrating. Between over-the-top marketing campaigns, confusing product labels and time taken to search and research, it can be impossible to know which products are right for you and your skin. Sadly, this is how most of us shop today, resulting in wrong (and harmful!) product choices, and unused or expired product pile-ups. Smudg uses AI and human expertise to assess user profiles, and matches shoppers with the right products. Using your answers to our Beauty Quiz, Smudg instantly sifts through hundreds of products to select the best ones for you.

This means no more wasting money or time on products that may or may not work. With Smudg it's easy to choose right and love what you buy!

Our Strengths

Focus on your

We match recommendations that meet your needs, lifestyle and skin


If we get it wrong, we listen, and learn to give you the best results

Long-term Recommendations

We evolve with you giving solutions that are real and long-lasting


All our experts are best-in-business experienced professionals

Technology Enabled

We are tech-forward in our design, processes and recomemndations

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