Smudg is a hyper-personalised beauty platform that matches you with the right beauty products and skin routines to suit your skin and personality.

Smudg uses science and human expertise to automatically sort through hundreds of makeup and skincare products

Whether you are a skincare fanatic, a makeup junkie or just a newbie, with Smudg, you will always get great personalized advice and exact product recommendations that work just for you!

Need a remedy for dark circles? Or a perfect foundation shade? Want glowing skin? Whatever you are looking for, you can #AskSmudg

On Smudg, you can search for personalised makeup or skin care product recommendations or talk 1:1 with professional beauty experts for personalised advice.

Start by creating your beauty profile here.

Choose from makeup or skincare and our algorithm will help you find products that suit your skin. You can then save products in your Smudg Kit, shop for them.

The beauty product search is frustrating. 'What should I buy?', 'Will this suit my skin?', are questions we all face, everytime we want to buy skincare or makeup products.

But between over-the-top marketing campaigns, and confusing product labels, it can be impossible to determine which products not only will work, but are actually safe to use.

Using a clever mix of technology and human intelligence, Smudg takes the guesswork out of choosing and buying beauty products. We do the behind-the-scenes heavy lifting, so you can focus on using great brands and amazing products that you will end up loving!

So the next time you want to shop for beauty products, just #AskSmudg.

We’ve got high vetting standards
We take product recommendations seriously and work only with trustworthy brands that care about their customers. Each product, on Smudg, is personally vetted, approved and recommended by experts, who help us understand what products best work with which skin type.

We provide honest and unbiased recommendations
We promise to be honest and unbiased. We will always recommend the right products, irrespective of the brands and labels and we explain why we recommended certain products over others.

Science and technology form the basis of our recommendations
It's not just random guess work for us. We have spent months building our proprietary algorithm that cleverly understands your needs and skin and gives personalised recommendations.

Smudg collaborates with various brands every day and new products are added to our database regularly. Beacuse Smudg is based on an intelligent self-learning algorithm it tires its best to show you as many personalised product matches as it can. This means the more you use Smudg, the more our algorithm learns and the better the recomemndations get.

If you feel you want to see a brand you love on Smudg, write to us on [email protected] or WhatsApp us on +91 750-603-1000

Yes, once Smudg recommends personalised products to you, you can shop them on respective brand websites. Just click on the 'Add to Cart' icon for each product and follow the steps to purchase.

You can email us on [email protected] or WhatsApp us on +91 750-603-1000

Product recommendations are personalised product matches for you. These are products across various brands that will suit you the most, based on your skin and beauty profile.

Once you fill the beauty quiz and tell us what you are looking for, our data-driven algorithm then takes over and sorts through rows and rows of product data to match your user attributes to the perfect products. The whole process is automated, fast and super easy!

You can either add your recommended products to your customised Smudg Kit, consult with a Expert about them via our Smudg Sessions or shop for them on their respective brand stores.

Please write to us on [email protected] or WhatsApp us on +91 750-603-1000 and our Smudg Experts will recommend alternate products for you.

A beauty quiz is a set of fun questions that help us understand you and your skin better. For accurate recommendations we strongly recommend you answer all the questions on the quiz. You can take the beauty quiz here.

You quiz answers are analysed by our algorithm to understand you better. You can change your answers anytime by login in to your account and taking the quiz again.

Smudg collaborates with a wide range of skincare and cosmetic brands including organic, vegan and niche DTC brands. New brands and products are added every day to our data base.

If you are a brand, please see Brand Partnerships section of FAQ.

Please fill out the Smudg Expert form here to get registered as a Smudg Expert.

A Smudg Expert can do many things from consulting on data research, recommending products, to taking 1:1 consultations on Smudg.

We have various revenue models designed for experts. Please write to us on [email protected] or WhatsApp on 750-603-1000 to talk to our team.

Yes! When you collaborate with Smudg, we become a part of your team - a trusted colleague. You can continue doing your work as well as work part time with Smudg.

Smudg is built to be a collaborative platform where beauty professionals, beauty brands and beauty consumers can come together.

Think of Smudg as an exciting new side hustle, where you can meet new clients, participate in exciting brand collaborations, attend events and even get a chance to coach/ teach. You can leverage our huge community, our platform, our social media following to your advantage.

We are always excited to have new brands on Smudg. Please write to us on [email protected] or WhatsApp on 750-603-1000 to talk to our team. You can also DM us on Instagram.

You can also contact us by filling the brand form here.

Smudg gives your brand a chance to connect to the right customers with an added 'Expert- approved' credential- so that there is more engagement and trust in your brand, and an increased probability of sale.

Your customers can then choose consciously, and correctly, to buy your products that truly benefit them, and which they end up loving, coming back for more!

Please write to us on [email protected] or WhatsApp on 750-603-1000 to talk to our team to know more.

We have very strict data and privacy policies. Please read our Artist Policy and User Policy

You can get in touch with us via email [email protected] or call on our helpline 750-603-1000. We usually answer within 48 hours.